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Is one ever free of their past

Squeaky Tails

Crusaders of Golanthia

*Webs of Discovery*

The time of youth is gone and the present is pressing. Yet, is one ever free from their earlier periods. For The Duchess, the past is filling her present, and she is not happy about it one bit. Longingly mewing with thoughts of her personal time before time, she is unhappily thinking of life’s fleeting passage. There is no running from oneself. Snarling menacingly, her majesty understands how events have shaped her life.

Trapped and lost, little Binder does not know what to do. He has been in tight confining places before, many times in fact, but has never felt so alone. With no help waiting, he knows that his only hope is to stand up and take on matters as a mouse. Finding strength inside, he valiantly begins his frightful adventure alone.

Skillfully weaving her netting, slowly moving ahead, tiny TraCee remains uncomfortable with the wild openness. Marshaling all her great spider strength, she feels that this adventure, impossible as it is to explain, is more than simple survival. With her confining wall now far and forgotten, she shines from the inside out with an undying hope to save her little mouse.

All through the ages there have been crusaders, even when unknown to themselves. However, who would have thought that a cat and mouse could be friends or a spider most noble. In Golanthia anything is possible. Follow little Binder and his valiant friends, as they discover that there are many things best left unknown.

The Crusaders of Golanthia is a powerful story of friendship, personal growth, and perseverance. It lets it be known, to all ages, that anything can be accomplished if there is passion

Dependence, interdependence, independence are often misunderstood. Follow the crusaders, as they learn that there is no one meaning to life

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