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Welcome Crusader

Thank you for patience and continued support

The Crusade has required full attention

The adventure continues into the Land Beyond

Following the battle of the yard, all rest and enjoy a fresh balance. However, this reprieve is short-lived.  Looming like a demon, the black abyss opens an ugly maw - diabolically exhibiting untold terrors. Lost in a land of which no traveler returns, terrible journeys and uneasy alliances are forged.  Discovering a brewing underworld massing for invasion blurs lines between friend and foe. Standing against a lurking evil, great sacrifices and unheard of heroics to save their world sets unlikely comrades upon a path of no return.  Pitched into an epic clash, the Crusaders prepare to battle a potent advisory in hope of retaining their way

Witness astonishing twists and turns discovering - Noble Purpose

Join the Crusaders

Banding together against mindless servitude

Golanthian Quips

  • "Crusaders of Golanthia is very visual - the critters seemed alive"- Gina
  • “No one writes like this anymore – it made me tingle” - Jane
  • "I could hear the wind blowing and see the grasses waving-they were not even mentioned"- Bob
  • I Loved this book, ty so much, it is brilliant. :)" - Lacy



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