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Crusaders of Golanthia

Those unknown forces reinstate 
Golanthia begins to thunder!

· Does one run from that which they fear?


· What is survival if one does not survive whole?


· Trials shape us all: For good-For bad-Forever!





Love poems


Does one remember the past - Does one understand themselves

Emotions are seldom simple, they shimmy and flow without form. Poetry is an effort to express the inexpressible. It is often simple to lose focus when lost in our self. However, when taking time to truly look inside an understanding can be found. Imaginings is a collection of rhyme reflecting that which is within

I do not believe that anyone “chooses” to write poetry. I believe that poetry chooses the person. In my opinion, the most difficult part of writing poetry and prose is building the ability to look within, to understand ourselves in the only way possible – to feel



Romantic poetry


Contemplations, the second book in a series of free-form verses, display a moment of force through expression that presses boundaries. Unlike Poetry, which is often smooth and flowing, emotions are powerfully turbulent. When thoughts and desires are expressed in words, they vanish through editing. This in its self is the point of contemplations, to show raw passion as it comes forth.

The outpouring of one’s soul is never to be taken lightly. Deeply embedded desires riddle the ongoing path of self-awareness that one often time’s wishes were not present. However, they do exist. Facing these demons removes the mask that often holds one bound to rules that run contrary to nature and one's true path. That is what one strives for when following the only path that matters - self-enlightenment and happiness.





Dissonance poetry


Living is reaching deep inside. Taking hold and riding the torrent to its extraordinary end.  Life is seldom unsoiled. Beneath its smooth coating lies what we all possess. Poetry is often very primal - capturing a moment of released emotion. Words can have power - even if they are not understood. Reflections display a power within the verse that often cannot be explained.

This is what life is about, feeling and understanding the power without rhyme or reason. It is not required to understand. Some things in life can only be felt. This is living, to feel life and its many mysteries and know without understanding.



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