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Trials shape us all - for good, for bad, FOREVER!

The squeaky old house is no barrier when it comes to the wilderness. The savage and refined have clashed since the dawn of time. Shocked and yet thrilled, The Duchess, for all her imperial feline posturing, hesitates. She is tormented by demons of her past and an all consuming need to control.


Encouraged by the most unlikely of creatures, The Duchess embarks upon an uncertain quest to discover the whereabouts of her old companion and perhaps something unknowingly lost. Away from the lushness of the squeaky old house, boldly facing the barbaric realities of the wilds, she learns more about herself than thought possible.


Abruptly becoming lost, little Binder unpleasantly finds himself in the yard. Roaming throughout Golanthia, stumbling upon friends and foes along the way threatens his previous reflection of reality. Through a paw full of un-expectant occurrences, he glimpses a previously undiscovered side to his mouse personality. Utterly lost, rigorously clashing with those unknown forces for survival, any recollection of the squeaky old house quickly fades.


A masterfully crafted and intensely spellbinding account of how a little house mouse, relentlessly pursued by his wicked nemese, unwittingly goes far too far. A magnificent chronicle displaying the power of storytelling, introduces a curious group of "critters" going beyond the impossible, discovering trust and what friendship often requires! Courageously facing the harrowing unknown with their world evaporating about them forever changes their lives.

Golanthian Quips

  • "Crusaders of Golanthia is very visual - the critters seemed alive"- Gina
  • “No one writes like this anymore – it made me tingle” - Jane
  • "I could hear the wind blowing and see the grasses waving-they were not even mentioned"- Bob
  • I Loved this book, ty so much, it is brilliant. :)" - Lacy



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