Evening shadows encroach beyond the fire line. Leaping Images dance the in-between places of light and dark. Enclosed by obscurity and the disillusion of life, when recounting the so long ago age may forestall my once nimble mind. Approach closer while warm remembrance glows freshly within my thoughts. Allow me to expand upon our fearless crusaders attesting to the more basic sides of existence. Discover how the realities of survival become most real in the Land Beyond.

Dwelling within, and intrepidly moving through the wilds, the crusaders are plunged into the unsuspected. Observing the unbelievable become believable, it is discovered that some things are best left unknown. Realizing how the thrill of living intimately dances with its fatality, one must consider probabilities over possibilities. The wilds play no favorites. Discover how cruelty and kindness is grossly misunderstood.

Book two of the SqueakyTails adventure series
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